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National Drive Electric Week – Electric Vehicles 101

COVID-19 disruptions have pushed personal transportation to an all-time low – instigating what hopefully will be some permanent shifts in our telecommuting habits. While it may seem counterintuitive to be investing in a new car at this moment, global impacts to the auto industry mean that affordable, more efficient electric vehicles are now more accessible than ever.

CEC’s Director of Energy and Climate Programs, Michael Chiacos, and Barry Rands, SLO Climate Coalition’s Green Transportation Specialist – both EV owners and industry experts – discuss which 100+ mpge electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid might be best for you.

We spoke about financial incentives, charging, range, and how to pair home solar with your EV for maximum savings. Find out how to purchase a new EV for the price of a Toyota Corolla, and used EVs for as little as $5,000. Learn how to save $50,000 on gas with an investment of $6,000 on solar panels.

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