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Want People to Drive Electric? Give Them Workplace Chargers

The California Public Utilities Commission should approve a proposal to deploy more charging infrastructure at workplaces, apartment buildings, and public places.

New coalition hopes to bring more electric cars to the Central Coast

A new coalition is looking to save drivers from rising gas prices while going greener. Electric Drive 805 is aiming to increase access to electric cars in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties.

Electric Drive 805 coalition aims to increase EV access in Santa Barbara, SLO, Ventura counties

A coalition of government agencies and nonprofit groups has launched a new organization to make electric vehicles and charging stations more accessible on the Central Coast.

Santa Barbara MTD Plugs In Plans to Convert to All-Electric Bus Fleet by 2030

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District plans to go emissions-free by 2030 —10 years earlier than anticipated state requirements.

10% Of New Vehicles Purchased in California Are EVs

In August, 1 out of 10 (9.90%) new vehicles purchased in the state of California were EVs (PHEVs + BEVs), according to the latest numbers from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Advanced Technology Vehicle Sales Dashboard (information provided by IHS Market). West Virginia came in last at 0.17%, meaning Californians purchased EVs in August at a rate 58.2 times greater than the state that has become heavily associated with the coal industry in recent years.

Plug-In Electric Cars Sales In U.S. Surpass 1 Million

Thanks to nearly 45,000 plug-in cars sold in September, cumulative sales of all plug-in models reached one million units.
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