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Get Charged: Everything You Need to Drive Electric

About this Webinar

As extremely high gas prices make electric vehicles (EVs) even more appealing, California is once again accelerating the green energy transition. In August 2022, the California Air Resources Board issued a historic rule that bans the sale of new gas-powered cars starting in 2035. This bold action by the largest auto market in the United States will drive innovation that ripples out to other states and beyond.

The Community Environmental Council has spent the last ten years working with partners to advocate for electric vehicles. The result? Our counties have three times the national average of per capita EV drivers. We have a robust and growing infrastructure for electric vehicle charging—2,017 chargers are already in place and 1,424 more are being built over the next two years at workplaces, multi-family properties, and public destinations across San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

But a broad and equitable transition to zero emissions transportation is only possible if all drivers have access to EVs and support to make the switch from gas-powered cars.

On October 6, 2022, over 200 participants joined the Community Environmental Council and regional experts for a primer on making the switch to driving electric. They heard from current electric vehicle (EV) drivers and walked away knowing everything from the basics of charging to what’s available on the used and new market. Participants also garnered information about how to access and make the best use of local, state, and federal incentives on the horizon—and how to get support on the journey to drive electric.

Climate Action Webinar Speakers:

  • Tracy Ruiz, Access Clean California/ GRID Alternatives Outreach Program Manager

  • Nancy Clarin, Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance EV Outreach Coach

  • Alhan Diaz-Correa, Community Environmental Council Climate Justice Associate and EV Driver

  • Cameron Gray, Community Environmental Council Director of Climate Mitigation


  • Jennifer Hernández, Community Environmental Council Climate Justice Manager and EV Driver



Get help selecting an EV and finding charging stations:

Access incentives:

  • Go to Access Clean California to learn about all the state, regional, and local benefits you may be eligible to receive and kickstart the application process.

  • Get a better understanding of the new Inflation Reduction Act EV tax credits.

  • Contact the Community Environmental Council’s EV Support: Jennifer Hernández, Climate Justice Manager

    *Additional EV support from CEC’s team will become available in 2023 through Clean Vehicle Assistance incentive programs.

Learn about the EV transition:

Do you live or work in Ventura County? 

  • Contact the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance EV Coach: Nancy Clarin, [email protected], 323-514-4691

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