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  • Electric Drive 805 Letter Requesting Streamlined EV Charging Station Permitting

    In 2018, nearly 10 percent of all new vehicle sold in California were plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). In our region, EV adoption is already outpacing EV charging station development, so there is an urgent need to accelerate EV infrastructure development to meet the rapidly growing demand for EV charging. Streamlined permitting for EV charging station will make it easier to expand access to EV charging at key locations in our community, including public destinations, workplaces, and multifamily housing developments.

    California’s transportation sector remains the single largest contributor of emissions for both greenhouse gases and health-impacting criteria pollutants. To make the quickest possible transition to electric vehicles, California's local governments should have the most straightforward permitting in the country to facilitate the rapid installation of charging stations that will enable expanded EV adoption across our diverse communities.

    Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1236 into law in 2015 to support this vision for rapid EV charging station permitting. AB 1236 requires all local governments in California to implement streamlined permitting for both residential and non-residential EV charging stations. The Governor's Office of Business & Economic Development (GoBIZ) released the EV Charging Station Permitting Guidebook in July 2019 to help local governments lead the way to zero-emission transportation and meet the mandate of AB 1236. A scorecard for local government EV charging station permitting is included with the guidebook. Local government scores for EV charging station permitting are currently being determined and will be displayed online in a companion map for the EV Charging Station Permitting Guidebook.

    Electric Drive 805 and the undersigned community members are calling on our local governments to meet at least 6 of the first 7 checklist criteria in the streamlined permitting scorecard so they can receive “EVCS Permit Ready” status from GoBIZ and achieve full compliance with AB 1236 as soon as possible. Streamlined permitting for EV charging stations will help our region secure new funding to install public EV charging stations through the California EV Infrastructure Incentive Project (CALeVIP).

    The EV Charging Station Permitting Guidebook, scorecard, and implementation tracking map are available at:

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