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Fleet electric vehicles can help an organization reduce emissions, cut fuel costs, and lower operating costs. Over 40 light duty EVs are available in California, and the medium and heavy duty EV market is quickly expanding. We can help you identify the best opportunities to utilize cleaner electric vehicles in your operations.

Are you a fleet operator who currently owns or leases electric fleet vehicles, or is planning to purchase or lease electric fleet vehicles?

If so, you can access several fleet-focused programs for vehicle electrification and charging infrastructure development.

CVRP for Public Fleets
Rebates up to $7,000 are available for public agencies to purchase new, eligible zero-emission and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles:

California HVIP program
Point of sale rebates up to $220,000 for medium and heavy duty EVs

SCE Fleet Electrification Resources

PG&E Fleet Electrification Programs (coming soon)
In May 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved $236 million for PG&E to install make-ready infrastructure that supports medium and heavy-duty electric fleet vehicle charging. Over the next five years PG&E will install infrastructure at 700 sites, driving the adoption of at least 6,500 additional electric fleet vehicles. Sign up to be notified when the full program launches at

Pacific Gas & Electric – EV Charge Network Program
Pays for the cost of charger installations at workplace (including fleet) and multi-unit housing

Southern California Edison – Charge Ready Pilot
Pays for the cost of charger installations at workplace (including fleet) and multi-unit housing. Pilot has concluded, though you can get on the waitlist for bridge funding and a future, large Charge Ready 2 program

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